The people who make these dystopian futuristics really irritate me. Like, really? The whole world is going to be blowing up and there will be garbage in the streets and people will starve and the government will be all tyrranical unless you, Little Girl, can fix it, because only you are great.

Tomorrowland asks, “What if all the great minds got together and fixed everything?” Dummies, that is what happens! That’s why there are clean-water wells in Africa and AIDS medications and chemotherapy and advancing literacy and a cell phone in every hand and women voting in Iraq and household appliances that would make our great-grandmothers cry for joy and a life expectancy that is increasing and no more USSR and three women on the Supreme Court and the fact that we speak English instead of German here and social security and WIC and the Panama Canal and the American flag on the Moon. Because the great minds DO get together to do amazing, incredible, impossible, miraculous things every day of the week.

There is no more smallpox. Ebola is treatable. Shortsightedness can be surgically repaired. Obesity can be conquered by a one-hour surgery. The blind see, the deaf hear, the poor have the Gospel preached to them. Dystopia is a lie, but if you’re going to tell it, tell it as good as they do in Hunger Games. Otherwise, stop.

Of course, the only way to kick-start Utopia is for Casey to escape Real World and go to Tomorrowland. Happily, she can get there in a bathtub with George Clooney rather than having to get there via the It’s a Small World ride. Anyway, there’s something about George Clooney and a bathtub, I sort of forget.

I’m not going to tell you the story, because you’re going to see this movie even after reading how much I didn’t like it, because it’s a Disney movie, and we’re all required to see all Disney movies, because Disney is probably more American than Thanksgiving and the New York Yankees and the OK Corral. But I will tell you why I didn’t like the ending.

In the end, all these sweet little kids are hired as recruiters to find all the best minds that can save the world from being overrun with garbage and war and human extinction, but weirdly, the kids only recruit adults. The whole point of the movie was that bright kids can bring hope to mankind, but in the end, the kids give it up and leave it to the grown-ups. Whatevs. Enjoy the movie.