THE TOWN, starring Ben Affleck

Here’s the thing: If a movie ends with the finding of buried money and a lingering shot of the protagonist on a boat at the shore,  you know it has already been done better in Shawshank Redemption. One of the main problems with The Town is that the protagonist–unlike the framed convict in Shawshank whose served 20  years undeservedly and yet honorably–is a mass murdering bank robber. Sure, he’s cute and nice to his girlfriend-of-the-moment, but folks, come on, he just shot up the ballpark parking garage, killing multiple uniformed officers while in the commission of a $3 million heist!

Lots of worthless guys are nice to their current girls. How else would they have girlfriends?

Adding to the nonsense, the current girlfriend–even though she realizes this is the creep who robbed her bank and terrified her out of her mind just weeks before–goes with the flow and takes the stolen money that is left buried for her! This is not comprehensible. “Oh, but she uses it for a good purpose–she renovates the Boys and Girls Club!” Are you kidding me? It’s okay to steal millions of dollars if only you have a nice community project in mind?

The other thing that can’t be overlooked is that last scene where Affleck’s character is staring out over the water…he’s in Florida. He doesn’t seem to have any clue that such a crime would lead to his picture  being in every post office in the USA, and wherever else Most Wanted Felons have their pictures hung. He’s staring off into the future as if he has one, as if you can murder multiple law enforcement officers and make off with millions of dollars and not have everyone from the FBI down to Dog the Bountyhunter on your tail. He doesn’t even change his hair-do, which, as we learned in Salt earlier this summer, is a must for all people hiding from the Law.

It must be hard to be Ben Affleck and have done your best work right off the bat (with the amazing Good Will Hunting), and it’s all donwhill from there, but there it is.

Short commentary because I saw this movie in Honolulu and am still a little too sunned and sandy to write long.  However, if you do plan to see a movie at Ward Center on Ala Moana Boulevard and you arrive very early, may I recommend the fire-grilled salmon at Dave and Busters?